lundi 2 mai 2011


The new Inkvaders collection will be delivered to our headquarters tomorrow!

These awesome new designs will be available worldwide as soon as our online store will be finished! Please, wait just a few days ...

We are already working on our next collection, expect more great designs and amazing collaborations with great artists such as Mr Flaks, Ben Corn or Maneko!

Pour les gens habitant Genève ces trois nouveaux modèles seront disponibles dès la fin de semaine à notre studio de tatouage à Carouge, chez Maniak à Plainpalais ainsi que chez Antishop vers la gare Cornavin.
-Inkvaders Tattoo - Route de Drize 3 - 1227 Carouge
-Maniak - Rue du Vieux-Billard 6 - 1205 Genève
-Antishop - Rue du Jura 7 - 1201 Genève

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