samedi 5 décembre 2015

vendredi 6 novembre 2015

vendredi 21 août 2015

mercredi 12 août 2015

mardi 4 août 2015

lundi 27 juillet 2015

Next level....

Lots of new things will happen in fall....stay tuned for all the updates on our Facebook,Instagram & Twitter account.thanks for the love & support!!

samedi 25 juillet 2015

vendredi 24 juillet 2015

Brown S tonight in Geneva...

Our good friends and dope Dj s,Brown S are playing at Rooftop today from 18 to 22....c u there!!

dimanche 19 juillet 2015

Custom Vans....

About to do more of of a kind!

New sketchbook!!!

The brand brand new sketchbook is almost ready.....for all info please follow our Instagram,Twitter or Facebook @inkvaders or

mardi 28 avril 2015

New stuff....

Working on this new collab with the talented Alberto Solposto...we got some amazing projects Comming up soon.....

jeudi 2 avril 2015

Inkvaders wear..

About to re start working on inkvaders wear...lots of new shirts will be printed can follow us on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram @inkvaders
Thanks for all the love & support!!

mercredi 11 mars 2015

New website!! is now updated and online!lots of new project will be posted there....stay tuned!thanks for watching!